Tank & Sparge Systems

Tank capacities in the Bestway product line range from 1000 to 1850 gallons. All are built with the same basic principles in mind. Operator visibility is integral in every tank shape selection. Also, the tank shape profiles must be ideal for both rinse and sparge. You’ll find Bestway tanks rinse clean due to the simple, gradual radius designs that minimize trapped product. Tank sparge on a Bestway sprayer is the best in the business. Product comes into the tank through the sparge system and is completely mixed after only a few seconds. Even the most difficult suspensions have met their match. All tanks are equipped with hinged 16” HyTek transport lids that are easy to open, close and lock. Generous full length drain sumps are provided on all sprayer models to aid in complete tank drainage. Tank fittings on all Bestway sprayers are bolt-in type to eliminate fitting leaks. All Bestway sprayer tanks are also equipped with personal fresh water reservoirs.

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