V-Ride Boom Suspension


V-RIDE™ enables the operator to tailor the spray boom to thier specific field conditions… a softer setting for challenging no-till conditions, a firmer ride for smoother fields.
V-RIDE™ effectively isolates trailer movement from the boom, resulting in significant performance enhancements which include; increased field speeds of 2-5 mph resulting in up to 25% increased productivity, reduced fuel costs and improved spray pattern control for optimized application accuracy.
The V-RIDE™ system is especially accomplished simply by turning a knob on the suspension control valve located on the sprayer, to “DIAL IN” the prefered boom ride.
The V-RIDE™ system is especially tuned to work in conjunction with Bestway’s Fiberworks™ Boom with outer wings constructed of a space age composite material that is a combination of fiberglass and a thermosetting polyester resin. Bestway’s Fiberworks™ Boom components are one-third the weight of steel with three times the impact resistance. An exclusive dual break away system not only provides protection from damage but incorporates fore to aft cushioning of the wings preventing boom stress from rapid starts, stops or turns.

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