Bestway History


In the early 1960’s Ed Schick of Clear Lake, Iowa, founded the Bestway Sprayer Company. He thought farmers needed a better sprayer. One that would hold up. He had a reputation for well-built, basic equipment. His prices were a little higher, but a growing number of customers recognized the value.

Later, in 1987 Ed sold Bestway to Cliff Wilson, owner of Ritchie Industries. Both men swore a solemn oath that the principles for which Bestway was built would not be changed. For that reason, when RHS purchased Bestway in 1995, Cliff passed on the mandate Ed had given to him. We take that commitment seriously.

On January 1, 2016 Bestway Inc. becomes Bestway Sales, LLC with local investors purchasing Bestway from Rick and Debbie Heiniger.



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