Hiawatha, KS –Sept. 27, 2016- Bestway Inc. a leading manufacturer and marketer of agricultural sprayers, recently announced the introduction of a line of UTV Skid Mounted Sprayers that are designed for rugged use by farmers, ranchers and commercial spraying operations. 

The new Bestway UTV sprayers are offered in 40, 60 and 100 gallon tank sizes, with a choice of a 5.3 gpm 12 volt electric pump or 3 hp Honda gas engine models with a Hypro roller pump.  A handgun for spot spraying with 25 ft. of hose is standard equipment, with a hose reel and 50 ft. of hose optional.

“One of the biggest differences between Bestway UTV sprayers and other brands are the optional FiberWorks™ composite boom systems” states Colby Knudson, General Manager.  “The Bestway UTV FiberWorks™ booms are constructed of the same material used very successfully in our large field sprayer booms.” he adds.  The 5 ft. FiberWorks™ boom features a “boomless” nozzle design with 4 nozzles that cover a 25 ft. spray pattern.   Folding FiberWorks™ boom options include a 12 ft. and an 18 ft. model with an exclusive fore and aft, spring loaded, breakaway system to protect the boom from damage from obstacles. 

Boom mounting systems include a skid mount that allows spraying with the tailgate closed on most UTV’s, as well as a receiver mount that utilizes the UTV’s receiver hitch to mount the boom securely. 

Contact Bestway Sales at  or call toll free (877) 390-4480 for more information.


Bestway Announces NEW PRO-MOUNT 460 3-Point Sprayer

Bestway recently announced the addition of the PRO-MOUNT 460 , 3-point mounted sprayer to the Bestway sprayer line. The new 460 model joins the Pro-Mount 360 (300 gallon) in the Bestway line.  With a 400 gallon product tank and industry exclusive 60' front folding FiberWorks boom system , the PRO-MOUNT 460 deliver features no other 3-point mounted sprayer can match.  Option include 50 gallon Rinse System and 2-Sensor AutoGlide Automatic Boom Height Control System.  The PRO-MOUNT 460 features a unique front folding boom system far superior in durability to competitve X-Fold boom designs.  The Pro-FLex 60' boom features accumulator boom suspension for a smooth ride and breakaway protection. See your Bestway delaer today for all the information on the new PRO-MOUNT 460.  


Bestway Announces AutoGlide for Turf Sprayers

Bestway Sales manufacturers and marketers of spray equipment and automatic spray boom height control systems announce the introduction of a Turf version of the very successful AutoGlide automatic spray boom height control system.  AutoGlide uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted on the turf sprayers boom to monitor and maintain consistent spray boom height in uneven terrain. 
AutoGlide works on most turf sprayers equipped with electric actuators to control boom height.


Bestway Introduces Retriever Transport Hitch

Bestway Sales announces the introduction of the Retriever Transport Hitch to its Retriever brand of transportation products.  The Retriever Transport Hitch converts your tandem axle semi-tractor into an agricultiral implement towing vehicle in as little as five minutes. The Retriever Transport Hitch features a self contained 12 volt powered hydraulic power pack to power a lift mast that includes CAT II and CAT III Two-Point Hitches as well as a removable drawbar.  The Transport Hitch was designed to move large planters, grain carts, tillage equpment and fertilizer applicators.


Bestway Introduces Retriever Self Loading Trailer

Bestway Inc. announces the introduction of the new Retriever Self Loading Trailer  to transport combine heads and three point equipment more efficiently.   The Retriever SLT features a self contained hydraulic lift system that allows one person and one truck to pick up and transport combine heads and three-point mounted equipment without the need for a combine, forklift or tractor to assist in the loading and unloading process. The operator simply backs up to the head or implement, attaches the trailer lift arms, lifts the load and rotates the load lengthwise for transport.

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