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Bestway Announces NEW PRO-MOUNT 460 3-Point Sprayer

Bestway recently announced the addition of the PRO-MOUNT 460 , 3-point mounted sprayer to the Bestway sprayer line. The new 460 model joins the Pro-Mount 360 (300 gallon) in the Bestway line.  With a 400 gallon product tank and industry exclusive 60' front folding FiberWorks boom system , the PRO-MOUNT 460 deliver features no other 3-point mounted sprayer can match.  Option include 50 gallon Rinse System and 2-Sensor AutoGlide Automatic Boom Height Control System.  The PRO-MOUNT 460 features a unique front folding boom system far superior in durability to competitve X-Fold boom designs.  The Pro-FLex 60' boom features accumulator boom suspension for a smooth ride and breakaway protection. See your Bestway delaer today for all the information on the new PRO-MOUNT 460.  

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