3-Point Sprayers

Pro-Mount 360 and 460 Sprayers

The all-new Pro-Mount™  mounted sprayers from Bestway feature an industry exclusive front folding Pro-Flex™ 60' boom built from Bestway’s proprietary FiberWorks™ fiberglass composite material. FiberWorks™ is 1/3 the weight of steel yet 3 times more impact resistant. The Pro-Mount™  sprayers provide owners the convenience and maneuverability of a 3-point mounted sprayer but with an extremely durable boom system vs. conventional steel booms. Short coupled design keeps sprayer weight close to tractor for improved lift capacity and balance. Two models are available the Pro-Mount 360 with 300 gallon tank and Pro-Mount 460 with 400 gallon tank.

Check out some of the features for the Pro-Mount™  mounted sprayers here.

Pro-Mount 460

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