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Bestway 1000 Series Liquid Applicator Owners Manual

1000 Series Liquid Applicator

1000 Series 3-Point Mounted Liquid Fertilizer Applicator


The Bestway 1000 Series Liquid Applicator is designed for maximum productivity. The 7 x 7 toolbar is 3/8” material for long service life and features rugged hinges and Prince Royal Plate plus Hydraulic cylinders. Row spacing choices include 30”, 36”, 38” and 40”. Three-point hitch is CAT III wide. Bestway 1000 Series applicators come plumbed including flow monitors, check valves and a pressure gauge. 2” Banjo Quick Fill fitting with filter is ready to hookup to your tractor tanks or nurse trailer.

Pump options include John Blue 7055 or 9055 ground drive liquid pumps or Hypro 9306C hydraulic pump and Raven 440 controller or Hypro 9306C hydraulic pump set up for third party rate controller (John Deere GS 2, Trimble etc.)




  • Yetter 2995 GEN III coulters are available. Shown here with spring loaded injector.

  • Yetter 2996 parallel link openers with 20" rippled blade are available with Yetter knife.




  • John Blue 9055 (shown) and 7055 ground drive pumps and drive units are available on the Bestway 1000 Series liquid applicator. Tires are 9.5Lx15 smooth implement rib.

  • Optional Nurse Tank Hitch extends for easy hitching operation.

  • Bestway 1000 Series gauge wheels are pin adjust for easy and positive depth control. On 8 and 12 row models one gauge wheel is standard with John Blue ground drive pump models or two gauge wheels standard with hydraulic pump models. 16 row models with John Blue ground drive pumps feature 3 gauge wheels or 4 gauge wheels on hydraulic pump models.

  • Bestway 3-Point hitch is CAT III. Flow monitors are standard equipment on both ground drive and hydraulic pump models.

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